So Long James Brown

Sex Machine (live)

So Long James Brown (pt. 2)

Beat the Devil (9:44). Starring James, Clive Owen, and Gary Oldman. Directed by Tony Scott.


Cat & Mouse Armour by Jeff de Boer

More found here.

He also makes armour ties.

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Hunter S. Thompson Photo Exhibit

Some by Hunter and some of Hunter.

Fishing With Guns

Doll Head with Knife

Found here.


Explosive Art

What do you get when you hand over a hand grenade and a surplus U.S. Army ammo box to a group of artists?

Operation Fragmentation!

Cherry Bomb Girl by Angie Mason

Professor Whistlecraft's Astounding Incendiary Automaton by Doktor A

Clueless George Blows His Top by Grant Fuhst

Lots more here.

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Grandaddy - Rear View Mirror

Art pic of the day #1


Andre Martins de Barros

Son of Long Horse

I always fall for the long horse trick. I'm wise to that now.

See previous post here.

Then read Long horse hoax?

I suspected this could be a hoax (either that or they have the strongest backbones I've ever seen). Either way the trip was pretty cool.

Intermission Over




Bendito Machine (5:05)

Bendito Machine is an award-winning short by Jossie Malis done in flash. Enjoy.

Northern Soul - This England (26:17)

For the Northern Soul fans out there, especially Melpster who turned me on to it. A short documentary on Wigan Casino.

Skull Graffiti

Nice graffiti but what makes it special is the unique medium. Alexandre Orion, from Sao Paulo, creates this work by wiping the grime off the city (an underpass) in a way that creates the images you see below. Pity that the city officials washed it off in the end.


How High Is It?

World's highest website.

Crayon Sculpture

Vietnamese artist Diem Chau created these awesome mini sculptures out of…crayons!

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How The Other Half Lives (hypertext edition)


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Pimp my truck.

More info here, here (in Japanese), here, and here.

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Modern Dutch Art Collection

I really like these.

Proofs for the Notenkraker en Muizenkoning 1898

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Go Go Go!

Control the payphones and control the city.