Bob Marley - Stir It Up

Really, a man who needs no introduction. Enjoy!

Clint Mansell - Pi r^2

Destined to be one of my fave sci-fi films of all time (top ten, at least). Clint's soundtrack matched the process-driven psyche of Darren Aronofsky's lead character very nicely.


Grotesque beauties

Chet Zar's grotesque (or beautiful) paintings. Via his bio (paraphrase): "grew up with an emotionally unstable father and soon made a connection to horror films. Also, worked on some Tool videos." Good enough for me. Enjoy the results.
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again, via the groovy (exclamation mark

Just in time for halloween

Maya Kulenovic was born in 1975 in Sarajevo, SFR Yugoslavia (now Bosnia Herzegovina), and her paintings are very mysterious.
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Gone fishin'

These are quite lovely.

Doctor goes to Dutch outpost off Nagasaki and draws fish. Published in the 1800's.


Alphabet soup can be so sinister


Who knew being a fairy tale could be so grim.



What L.A. would look like covered in chrome

It looks like a city that William Gibson would write about.


Illustrated Buddhism

Venerable Moggallana taming the king of dragons, Nandopanada

Anawratha of Bagan conveying the Buddhist scriptures

Hellish and holy

Ship graveyard

Passenger ships sent to India get disassembled (by hand!).


Copy, right?

A high school band, called the Shadow Percussion Project, do a darn good version of DJ Shadow's Endtroducing. This is a bit of a turnaround as DJ Shadow put out an album of funk and soul covers played by high school bands mostly recorded from the 70's (Schoolhouse Funk I & II). Running time 11:45. Enjoy!

The Incredible Mouth Band, hilarious stuff where the band replaces the sound of their instruments by simply repeating the name of the instruments as they "play" them. A project by the talented animator David Firth. His site is worth gandering at, especially the Salad Fingers series.


Architect Iakov Chernikhov (1889-1951)

Vance DeGeneres Paintings

(Courtesy of the very groovy Monster On A Rope)


Girls Seldom Make Passes At Robots Who Wear Glasses

Voodoo Woman & Robot

Strange Statues


Codehunters (9:04), a groovy Heavy Metal style animated short. More of a sketch from a larger imagined project, but nice just all the same. Enjoy!

I wish they would install one of these at my job site.

From the mouths of babes.

Very nicely done.

Mind the speakers.
I give up, what is it?


Disclaimer: as I post this, I am not wearing socks.

Fast Film, (13:38). The director printed out over 65,000 film stills from several films (often times playing simultaneously in the same scene) and made 2D & 3D animations from them. It's quite fascinating and original.

The film has a very nice site for the film. I recommend the 'Making of' section. Enjoy!